It’s hard to say but few people are resolute in their backing of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.  Under layers of egoistic rationalism, the feeling is that no choice will quite be alright.

Having a political conversation today almost requires one to eat their own intuition to proceed in discussion; trying to find truth in one is like picking up broken shards of glass and peicing them back together and calling that the real thing.

Most reject their justifiable intuition. It’s the thing thats right in front of their face, contorted spines and twisted necks to see the view that they want to exclusively be truth.

If political debates between these two were how any important debate should be, accepting of intuition, open to ideas, full of mutual respect, can you imagine how excited the world would be for whats next? I ask you to imagine that.

It is clear that most people don’t feel we have a leader, rather we turn our backs on politics until we have to vote, and donate our emotions to a cause we don’t understand.

These debates are the execution of the character of the people and their campaigns in large. Not today but soon, we will all come together.