We don’t think of time passing unless we use our “egoism.” The best definition of the ego is something like: The part of yourself you use to feel alright in unknowing. However much needs to be chipped away to get to your personal sculpture, it nevertheless defines this excess. This imaginary alarm of lack of knowing. Communication is the tool we use to breakdown the buildup. The inner sculpture, the self we know to be the real us, is the one with the tools in hand. Communication appeals to him only. When communication is slim more ego plaque builds. Infrequent interactions come as industrial sized ego busters, like pic axes, and  sledgehammers. Natural disasters to restore balance… major events. When communication gets more frequent,  the pic axe turns into a chisel, then a drill, then it just turns into an electrical computer, sifting information and humming beautifully. At this “time,” time is of lesser importance. Like I said, this is because our real character, is in direct relation to time! We sense most beauty in timlessness, and that happens through communication.

We are dolphins of time growing into whales. Going above water frequently to breath the time before, now we can dive a little deeper, and stay a little longer. All of us.