I am a 22 year old philosopher, student, musician, aspring truth seeker. I write about these things, and write these things. Nothing I say is of importance. Yards gained are humilities credit, not mine. Dont think that I believe I know about God because I have him in my name. I am a cashier, I know nothing of the plan I just dream and hand people money.  If I could be a great philosopher, cartoonist, musician, comedian, and painter, basketball player, politician, all at once that would be me. But that would be other people too. I tell it through emotion, or cerebral thoughts, or lies that other people need to help me with. Trying to like myself and the world daily. Pantheist, anti-realist, Independent non-voter, inescapably human. I will never regret a thing I write. That is my commandment. It is me, because I am here living, and that is that.  My personality is sacred. Please God let me be validated The world is seen through The2s, or the 1s. These are my diggs man