All things come in the form of other things. Fractal patterns of positive emotion are in reflections of any other thing, any very large or very little moment.  Stay in the moment – If you keep focusing on your favorite emotions, you seek their fractals in the routine motions of your existance like looking through a photo album. Except the photo album is alive, and redefining itself, and coming in new forms constantly…. Good and bad really is like water and oil/ When you are in control of yourself, you are the master of the art of negotiating your emotions. Your world becomes exposed as a truly internal one.  All of your being becomes an attitude of deliberate perception, and the universe happily encourages you to continue creating, like a scientist of positivity, in which nothing is wrong… just infinitely different and beautiful. When you swim in infinite positivity, you start to realize that perception is made of infinite possibility, and your negotiation of positivity is reckoning with your subject, making your life more and more enriched, and beautiful. You are imprinting yourself in the beauty of positivity.