A lot of people are worried about Wal-Mart taking over the planet. There are a lot of worries about consumerist habits. It’s scary to think of them only growing into larger cancers of oppression for humanity. Consumerism, after all, has such an ugly past in America. Many people think, in such a bone dry economy, how could we expect anything less? Wal-Mart, industrialized meat farms… these things make it easy to continue living for the contemporary american through reasonable means. It’s not unreasonable to be afraid of this, because it is reasonable to be short sided at this time. Currently we see graphs of meat consumption decreasing, and what that represents is an old paradigm dying.

Consumerism in the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s was simply just a misguided form of what everyone wants in consumerism. We consume to benefit our lives. How do we know what benefits our lives? Through information. During the economic boom that started in America in the 60’s, almost 80% of people were living with televisions in their houses; out of them, around 30% of their commercials represented fast food. Television was just a tool for capitalism – a little capitalism box that gave us information on how to consume! But the motivation was to stimulate a capitalistic society… and capitalism, as we know, does not have anything to do with morality, or the benefit of humanity. It can be done ethically, but it does not require ethics does not require benefit for people to work effectively.

Isnt it an incredible idea to think about, that almost all of our information about reality was acquired through television?

With almost every person in the free world online everyday sharing information, we have superseded our titles of capitalistic consumers. We no longer consumer capitalism, because, frankly, we know better now. This is the age of information consumerism. The more that capitalism starts to decline, the more awake the consumer is. We are no longer a people that are satiating a market that does not represent our best interests; we are in control of how we live in the technological age of consumerism. We are all informed consumers. Soon all of the injustices of the earth will be able to become exposed in a matter of days, through online petitioning, and awareness. Every crevice of consumerism is debated and scrutinized now with the internet. Each decision we will make in the future will not be a senseless purchase, but a vote for the sake of ourselves, and the holistic quality of our families, societies, and earth itself.