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A lot of people are worried about Wal-Mart taking over the planet. There are a lot of worries about consumerist habits. It’s scary to think of them only growing into larger cancers of oppression for humanity. Consumerism, after all, has such an ugly past in America. Many people think, in such a bone dry economy, how could we expect anything less? Wal-Mart, industrialized meat farms… these things make it easy to continue living for the contemporary american through reasonable means. It’s not unreasonable to be afraid of this, because it is reasonable to be short sided at this time. Currently we see graphs of meat consumption decreasing, and what that represents is an old paradigm dying.

Consumerism in the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s was simply just a misguided form of what everyone wants in consumerism. We consume to benefit our lives. How do we know what benefits our lives? Through information. During the economic boom that started in America in the 60’s, almost 80% of people were living with televisions in their houses; out of them, around 30% of their commercials represented fast food. Television was just a tool for capitalism – a little capitalism box that gave us information on how to consume! But the motivation was to stimulate a capitalistic society… and capitalism, as we know, does not have anything to do with morality, or the benefit of humanity. It can be done ethically, but it does not require ethics does not require benefit for people to work effectively.

Isnt it an incredible idea to think about, that almost all of our information about reality was acquired through television?

With almost every person in the free world online everyday sharing information, we have superseded our titles of capitalistic consumers. We no longer consumer capitalism, because, frankly, we know better now. This is the age of information consumerism. The more that capitalism starts to decline, the more awake the consumer is. We are no longer a people that are satiating a market that does not represent our best interests; we are in control of how we live in the technological age of consumerism. We are all informed consumers. Soon all of the injustices of the earth will be able to become exposed in a matter of days, through online petitioning, and awareness. Every crevice of consumerism is debated and scrutinized now with the internet. Each decision we will make in the future will not be a senseless purchase, but a vote for the sake of ourselves, and the holistic quality of our families, societies, and earth itself.


All things come in the form of other things. Fractal patterns of positive emotion are in reflections of any other thing, any very large or very little moment.  Stay in the moment – If you keep focusing on your favorite emotions, you seek their fractals in the routine motions of your existance like looking through a photo album. Except the photo album is alive, and redefining itself, and coming in new forms constantly…. Good and bad really is like water and oil/ When you are in control of yourself, you are the master of the art of negotiating your emotions. Your world becomes exposed as a truly internal one.  All of your being becomes an attitude of deliberate perception, and the universe happily encourages you to continue creating, like a scientist of positivity, in which nothing is wrong… just infinitely different and beautiful. When you swim in infinite positivity, you start to realize that perception is made of infinite possibility, and your negotiation of positivity is reckoning with your subject, making your life more and more enriched, and beautiful. You are imprinting yourself in the beauty of positivity.

We don’t think of time passing unless we use our “egoism.” The best definition of the ego is something like: The part of yourself you use to feel alright in unknowing. However much needs to be chipped away to get to your personal sculpture, it nevertheless defines this excess. This imaginary alarm of lack of knowing. Communication is the tool we use to breakdown the buildup. The inner sculpture, the self we know to be the real us, is the one with the tools in hand. Communication appeals to him only. When communication is slim more ego plaque builds. Infrequent interactions come as industrial sized ego busters, like pic axes, and  sledgehammers. Natural disasters to restore balance… major events. When communication gets more frequent,  the pic axe turns into a chisel, then a drill, then it just turns into an electrical computer, sifting information and humming beautifully. At this “time,” time is of lesser importance. Like I said, this is because our real character, is in direct relation to time! We sense most beauty in timlessness, and that happens through communication.

We are dolphins of time growing into whales. Going above water frequently to breath the time before, now we can dive a little deeper, and stay a little longer. All of us.

Time might be like a rubber band that you can snap.

Time is irrefutably elastic in nature, we move faster it slows down (relativity), or we bend and flex our perception of reality and time cooperatively either gets out of the way or in it. Time can fly! We dont make fun of people for saying this. We do, after all, have a tiny time keeping device in our brains that give us our perception of it.  Like all parts of the body this too has to have some action reaction complex, that can affect its function. It’s not just a steel trap. We see in science that what we would naturally expect to happen when time slows down, actually is happening, to a notable degree, when we perceive it as slowing. But I am not writing a dry biology text. It’s cooler to call this theoretical philosophy. Here is some good full form wacked out theoretical philosophy, about the concept of time.

I feel we can reach a stratus of communication that’s frequent enough to where time can completely be snapped as a phenomenon. I want to ask you to take a second, and really fall back in your current circumstances of your own life. Sink in it, feel how it feels, think how you have been thinking, and consolidate your current identity with your concious mind. If you are really being honest with yourself, I’m sure you would have the sentiment that you feel like time is speeding up.  Though most people have this idea often throughout life, what I’m thinking about is a little different. It’s almost as if something about the nature of time itself, has been altered. Can you understand this? I feel that is something that is sensed amongst the collective, whether it is understood or not. This can be backed up through the groundwork of the opening paragraph – Our perception of time is maliable, bends, twists… does in fact change, constantly, and is in constant flux, depending on what we’re doing. One hour of our favorite activity is literally like a blink of an eye in comparison to the eternity in line at the grocery store. That in itself is an amazing thing we don’t think about. Anyway, the point is that this illustrates the idea it can (feel like it) change, and we don’t know the connection between how we feel it is, verses how it is. The change part implies a zero state, a normal. Well, what if humanity was in the process of doing something that dramatically influenced that state of normal? Certainly our perceptions are in a state of great change, some people classify the global reaction to the internet and modern connectivity to the adolescent period of global responce to technology; we are in a tumultuous time, trying to figure out exactly who we are. Can such a global difference in regular perception mean a difference in the structure of what time is? I feel this directly about time, and I believe everyone feels this, we just don’t talk about it, or know it yet. This is exactly what I believe is happening, and the implications of this are tied to the vary nature of our existance. I will start this next paragraph to use it to explain what is happening, and why. ****Please keep moving along, the next paragraph is the best part of the essay.*****

So what is time? Has someone understood this as a law of nature? No! Do we understand the relationship between the perception of time, and its independent existence… so chalk it up with a algorythm in a physics book? Negative. So here we have something that is a phenomenon that’s tied to everything we do, but we don’t have the knowledge to even classify it as a law?!? I want everyone reading this to get really theoretical. The best thing you can say about time, ironically, is that it is in a state that has to be temporal. Here I’m going to take a liberty of theoretical thought, for a critical message: Further, we can elaborate on this and say that the dimension in which time exists, it has to, as it is the main catalyst for change. So if time is going through an upgrade, and our state of rest for time is less temporal,  for my theory to be true we would have to see the things that time changes slowly start falling apart, times empire crumbling. So what do we see in our generation? People living much, much longer, feeling better, eating less meat, and food, people calming, generally, as well as animals, etc. These are just the super blatant, common examples. Also these are just the premiminary stages that are sort of primers for what we are experiencing today. Another, much more direct example is the evidence found that the decay rate of atoms, something we thought was the most permanent thing to measure as the fabric of our universe, is changing. So there is factual evidence of accelerated change in the fabric of our universe, actually. This in itself is an elaboration to see the relationship between time and events.

– When an atom’s decay rate is sped up, when it has less time to be an atom, its energy is increased. It’s more excited when it’s life span is shorter. But we must understand this is just our interpretation! We cannot just easily take our perception of it for granted, and say that time is the thing that is changing with the atom is time, and energy is responding to this. We must be able use our minds to envision the atom as

What I really am concerned with are things like constant communication, technology, global awareness, and things of that nature in current societal climate, and what these things are doing to time.  But if these things are clearly occuring, could time changing really be the answer? I’m saying that whether or not its the answer is another thing to talk about, but it certainly is a character trait of this change. People will surely say that these happen because of technology increasing, and awareness of certain things coming to the forefront. I absolutely agree, but here we have this abstract understanding of time, where do those people fit time in with all of th

+is other development? Does it just remain at a constant as everything else around it is starting to get less and less temporal? Of course not, and of course, this is what is happening with our technological industrial revolution. Its more like just a, perfect pun, a time revolution. And ultimately, we are just cutting the head off the snake of time completely with technology. In the past 10 years so much has happened with technology people really have no understanding of where we stand right now. Information is spreading so quickly we are literally like a giant ocean which one ripple is recieved throughout the whole, the collective. In the next year alone, we will have shared more information than we have in that last revolutionary 10 year period. That is unbelievable, and it begs the question, why are we not talking about time? Time is not just something that is staying the same, and we are just “still” feeling as if it is going to fast. Time is a mechanism to judge change, what we know as time is changing more than ever. Time as the fabric of change in our current dimension is withering away, and we are filling its place with our own perpetual desire for proactive change. That is another way to define time: A perpetual desire for change. In this way not only do we replace time, you could say that we become time, and our own time, subject to nothing. Think about this: the more we proactively change things – attitudes, perceptions, knowledge, reality- the more that all of those things that time necessitates will no longer be of any validity. Those things almost do not matter. I mean seriously, this is not theoretical.

Take this argument: It is a certainty that in one second, more things right now are bound to happen than ever before. This is due to technological advancement, for example. Technological advancement is multiplying its acceleration constantly, to a point that we can’t discern (kinda sounds like approaching the speed of light, huh). Than it follows that our experiences are coming at a constantly accelerating pace too. Therefore, we have the potential to, through technology (Im not saying this is the one catalyst, and Im an anti – transhumanist, but just keep to the argument) Live eternally in what we understand to be one second, at the pace of change of technology. This is what is happening. How could we possibly have a need for time, time is something that we are excommunicating and we are creating things in our own universes which are slowly pushing time into a black hole.

So by now it is clear that time is just a catalyst for change, and that catalyst is certainly getting less and less significant to our lives. Its sort of like a big brother of the universe, a tough love who is proud to see you overcome it once you are ready as a cocreator to do so. Time is what we use to learn how the universe is ran. It is the ultimate teacher of the third dimension that, when we conquer it, we know that the only way to continue the creation of the universe is to constantly and actively become a force for change. Now is the time that I believe we are doing just that. We are ushering in a new dimension, a new place in the scheme of the universe where time is no longer an obstacle, or at least not a great one, and our creations will be that much more glorious. Unfortunately for skeptics of the Mayan prophecy, you’ll have just read something that makes much better logic than what you so happily deject as “End of the world shit.” No, it has nothing to do with the end of the world, it has to do with the end of time. The end of a cycle. Exactly like an energy transfer in an electron, nothing could be more metaphorical to nature. 2012 could very well be the last year for time, and if it’s not, it absolutely is the start of a new era of different time.

Aesthetics are things about things, second order universals. They can change… we are 70% water, the most changeable thing. The coolest aesthetic is when you feel different being around different people

Sometime in your day take a second to deliberately disassociate your identity with a thought or with a talk with someone. Not everything needs to represent your identity. Give it a rest, it’s an empowering thing to do

Some people dont want to see what they love

some are afraid they’ll love when they see

fuck just to be, think not to see, Ill never come back from my heros journey

heart and mind, one crucified for some time, Ill never come back from my heros journey

heart and mind, if one fucks one will sigh, Ill never find home on my heros journey

It’s hard to say but few people are resolute in their backing of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.  Under layers of egoistic rationalism, the feeling is that no choice will quite be alright.

Having a political conversation today almost requires one to eat their own intuition to proceed in discussion; trying to find truth in one is like picking up broken shards of glass and peicing them back together and calling that the real thing.

Most reject their justifiable intuition. It’s the thing thats right in front of their face, contorted spines and twisted necks to see the view that they want to exclusively be truth.

If political debates between these two were how any important debate should be, accepting of intuition, open to ideas, full of mutual respect, can you imagine how excited the world would be for whats next? I ask you to imagine that.

It is clear that most people don’t feel we have a leader, rather we turn our backs on politics until we have to vote, and donate our emotions to a cause we don’t understand.

These debates are the execution of the character of the people and their campaigns in large. Not today but soon, we will all come together.


I had planned on making a video for this to show more commitment, but I hope my writing can reflect it. I see this blog as being more of a service to myself, and to you, which I consider to be apart of myself. Communication is being redefined in our age, and that reshapes us everyday. The emotions behind the feeling of home can be found in a blog. Or on your Facebook page. Reinforcing identity is the best definition for communication someone can suggest. Family is being reshaped without us even knowing. Technology is us pushing off from the dock into a sea of material understanding of how we communicate…I can happily gaurantee that we will never suffice with our technological family though; it is more of a reinforcement that we all are family! We will always love to see one another, and I think technology sort of gives us an assist with that.

I wanted to make a post that I felt was important to the entire idea of my blog, and it’s philosophy. I want to extend myself to you in a way that goes beyond this, and I want you to extend yourself to me, should you feel I was the right person.

I have always thought of myself as a counselor. I think that is a key to why I am here. I believe in that. I believe in me doing whatever that is – because that is something I have no judgements toward. In fact, I have complete shame with it. There is nothing important about me. There is nothing of significance, no talent I am drawing from. I draw myself from persisting in honesty and love and constant humility. I want to live closer to humility than just about anything. That is why in my personal life, most people gather than I am a person they feel alright with.


This is why I want to tell you that my main goal is not to write a blog and entertain anyone. This is an extention of a general life goal to be of assistance, to anyone. I am a humble human person. I am just here typing. There is nothing beyond this. You already know me because I am you, and I accept you. Should you feel like you need or want someone to talk to, for any reason at all, at any time, I would be honored and truely blessed to talk with you. There is no seperation, no reason I am looking for. If you want to ask someone if there watching a game you are, or about breaking up with a person you cared about. Or talking about weather. Or music. Or something stupid. There is no time where I will have any judgment toward an object of interest you should have that would prompt you to call me. I am here for other people, everyone has something they need to talk about. If you do, I hope you have the courage to talk to someone who cares. Love and peace for everyone

(704) 524 – 3177

john – cashierforgod

People who are keen on where collective conciousness goes in general know that addiction is simply the misplacement of action reaction in anything. It only means that you are not living in the now moment.