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Some people dont want to see what they love

some are afraid they’ll love when they see

fuck just to be, think not to see, Ill never come back from my heros journey

heart and mind, one crucified for some time, Ill never come back from my heros journey

heart and mind, if one fucks one will sigh, Ill never find home on my heros journey



I had planned on making a video for this to show more commitment, but I hope my writing can reflect it. I see this blog as being more of a service to myself, and to you, which I consider to be apart of myself. Communication is being redefined in our age, and that reshapes us everyday. The emotions behind the feeling of home can be found in a blog. Or on your Facebook page. Reinforcing identity is the best definition for communication someone can suggest. Family is being reshaped without us even knowing. Technology is us pushing off from the dock into a sea of material understanding of how we communicate…I can happily gaurantee that we will never suffice with our technological family though; it is more of a reinforcement that we all are family! We will always love to see one another, and I think technology sort of gives us an assist with that.

I wanted to make a post that I felt was important to the entire idea of my blog, and it’s philosophy. I want to extend myself to you in a way that goes beyond this, and I want you to extend yourself to me, should you feel I was the right person.

I have always thought of myself as a counselor. I think that is a key to why I am here. I believe in that. I believe in me doing whatever that is – because that is something I have no judgements toward. In fact, I have complete shame with it. There is nothing important about me. There is nothing of significance, no talent I am drawing from. I draw myself from persisting in honesty and love and constant humility. I want to live closer to humility than just about anything. That is why in my personal life, most people gather than I am a person they feel alright with.


This is why I want to tell you that my main goal is not to write a blog and entertain anyone. This is an extention of a general life goal to be of assistance, to anyone. I am a humble human person. I am just here typing. There is nothing beyond this. You already know me because I am you, and I accept you. Should you feel like you need or want someone to talk to, for any reason at all, at any time, I would be honored and truely blessed to talk with you. There is no seperation, no reason I am looking for. If you want to ask someone if there watching a game you are, or about breaking up with a person you cared about. Or talking about weather. Or music. Or something stupid. There is no time where I will have any judgment toward an object of interest you should have that would prompt you to call me. I am here for other people, everyone has something they need to talk about. If you do, I hope you have the courage to talk to someone who cares. Love and peace for everyone

(704) 524 – 3177

john – cashierforgod

Criteria is defined as what is characteristic of a theory that does not neccesitate that theory, or make the theory sufficient. It is more like a characteristic of a theory that makes the theory more probable. For instance, when a dude makes the decision to kill his wife, you could say a criterion for doing so would be that he has dislike for his wife. Also, it could be that he was killing her for other sociopathic reasons, or it could have been an accident, or whatever. So criterion are just things that make a theory be more probably so, and are self evident… implied in the fact which the theory is based on. Im getting to Snooki after I explain these concepts, and they all have great reward at the end of this essay. Im not doing good by people who like Snooki. And my target market is, typical for me, disillusioned.

People live their lives through understanding of criteria. It is a great way to define building any relationship, or foundation of real connection with anything as mutual relations of criteria. At first things are general, and in some relationships you keep them with the basis of general criterion. Sooner or later criterion are questioned in relationships, and those varying definitions of criteria can either matter or not. The most important thing here is, we justify ourselves through criteria and we enjoy validation of reflection through criteria. How we use our beliefs is how we use criteria. Im not interested in explaining why people dislike Snooki based on their criteria, that is less interesting and more broad than why people like her. What she does positively for people has more interesting implications on peoples criteria! Here I will explain why people like Snooki, from this perspective.

Snooki is a character that has huge implications for our societies critera. Her entire life, and her success and money are highly disturbing to the collective. Success and snooki short circuit most peoples understanding. Theres a cognitive dissonence effect from seeing her success. So much so that many would confidently assert that she is not a success at all, despite writing two books… making millions of dollars… her manifest destinies. These of course make her a controversial figure, our grappling of these concepts volley her relevance enough to keep us loving hating her. But some people just love her.  Truely love her.

Snookis being is polar opposite of how most people use their beliefs. Here we go: Snooki’s philosophy is far closer to truth than what most people can understand about truth. Her entire being encapsulates the Jersey Shore paradigm, more so than any of the other cast members. There can actually be a revenue correlation between this theory, starting with Snooki, followed my The Situation, and so on. But what she represents the unadulterated truth of what we find interesting about these people. She does this by literally flipping her personality magnatism. She has in fact mastered this art form. This is not her first time on TV, she has been featured on TV shows before. Rather than understanding societal criteria to find truth, she flips this process of relationship building. *She is a magnetic force for our society, that our positive is blasting toward her negative.* Most consider their criteria more important than what they represent. Societies thought is, ” These are the things we have to use to get to this.” Snookis entire being asserts that “I am already this, and we will like eachother or you will not understand.” These are literally magnetic opposites (I mean literally, which is why its the perfect metaphor) that our society is now much better off for due to her show. The real opposites are found in this statement: Society sees criteria as being more real and their truths only revealed through them, while Snooki sees the truths as being more real and the criteria as less real and more maliable.

Most people do not play with, or manipulate their criteria. Snooki sees doing this as her second nature, or really, her first nature. She immediately looks at her culture and completely submerges herself in it, and makes it her own, and makes herself, the queen of her criteria. Then through this she literally became the queen of jersey shore, the queen of our television sets. Doing this is her truth. Watch Jersey Shore episodes, observe how she just dances in the middle of the board walk because she is unsatisfied with what she sees as ridiculous criteria (in this case, having to walk instead of dance on a boardwalk alone). She completely stretches to satiate this function she serves. She simply does not, and will not ever, take peoples criteria of her or life seriously. And she consistantly proves why this by doing ridiculous things, being ridicuous, and seeing how criteria works with people. Along the way she developes acute senses of style, culture, and personal understanding. Look at pictures of Snooki online. Look at the conviction in her eyes, the absolute conviction. What that conviction is is her understanding of the criteria she is facing. She is completely master of her criteria, and does not take it seriously. More people need to be like Snooki.  I can show you many more parallels between Snooki and Einstein than just about any other celebrity and him. Blame your outward beliefs for disliking Snooki – though she doesn’t care, and you interest for her does not falter.

I have this strong justification behind this egoic contention I have about my persona and other people. I’ve always had this relationship with my ego thats not normal. Thats a disease.

Narcisissm is only available when you believe something cannot or will not happen in your external reality. It has to be something very close to your heart, where your best self would be. It is personal nationalism. It is a redirection of energy from what people use to bond with one another and looped back to the individual – – closed system of praise. The turning point from what is directed change to narcisissim lies in how the inner hole, the human condition, is appropriated. You have to have the contention that you are of enough self worth to press onward unapologetically in spite of this concious imbalance. The imbalance becomes the anchor to your imagined power that keeps people believing that youre either crazy or a genius – and that’s a reflection that you’re constantly converting into a patently disproportionate sense of self. The true, most sincere narcissists are the ones who convert this effectively. The entire concept of narcissism is much more doctorized and compartmentalized than how it actually affects society. Not only can narcissism be a deliberate pursuit for itself, it can also be an active defense mechanism. This is how it is mostly used. When one is validated to a certain degree by society, one can feel justified in responding to a belief that is not in accordance with their belief structure.   In fact an entire culture can have narcisissm. Narcisissm can only be a disease, which is its true state, when it is unsupervised, and unchecked egoism. So it is fair to say that narcissists are only relevant with regard to certain levels of egoism – there is a innate bond between the levels of the two, and the interaction with eachother.

So if a narcissist is using his narcissism correctly, he is deliberately acting in one of two unapologetic ways. He is either defending the glory of himself, or advertising the world as a lesser reality to the one within his self.

Once it reaches the point that it is significantly relied upon, within the internal reality, the game of narcisissm goes in one of a few directions. If it is the egoic dilusion can keep entangling with justification and perhaps intelligence increase, perhaps even over many lives and human incarnations until resolved, or, which is the inevitable conseqence… comes to a pyroclastic release point where all egoic misrepresentations start blasting out of the SMALLEST hole in the ego that eventually had to be enough to let this bull shit leave you. After awhile, eventually, this is all it will take, and this will occur. Because, after all, this egoetry is not you, or anyone, or anything. If the ego is completely representing the self without belief of consequence or egoic relativity (civility) it is a complete delusion. One that many live with, and die with. But eventually, there is no possible way that this can result in anything but a renewal of a human life until this pressure is released to let conciousness develop and of course, reunite with its fellow cells, or fellow humans. After all, it is a scientific fact that we are of one conciousness, and we are all one. How then, does an individual cell have its unique and self rightous agenda to effectively run a body independently? It cannot do this, for the nature of the cell is such that it is one of many. The cell does right within itself to be the best it can be, but that is a ego within the boundary of its civility, and the egoic self gratification is held closely in relation to that allegiance. There is no other way it can be done after death, besides a reincarnation and a renewal of the same experiences until this hole in the egoic ozone is opened, and the ego, like an ice cube releasing into a bath tub, is immediatly satiated and balanced in equalibrium with its ultimate identity, of selflessness.