I had planned on making a video for this to show more commitment, but I hope my writing can reflect it. I see this blog as being more of a service to myself, and to you, which I consider to be apart of myself. Communication is being redefined in our age, and that reshapes us everyday. The emotions behind the feeling of home can be found in a blog. Or on your Facebook page. Reinforcing identity is the best definition for communication someone can suggest. Family is being reshaped without us even knowing. Technology is us pushing off from the dock into a sea of material understanding of how we communicate…I can happily gaurantee that we will never suffice with our technological family though; it is more of a reinforcement that we all are family! We will always love to see one another, and I think technology sort of gives us an assist with that.

I wanted to make a post that I felt was important to the entire idea of my blog, and it’s philosophy. I want to extend myself to you in a way that goes beyond this, and I want you to extend yourself to me, should you feel I was the right person.

I have always thought of myself as a counselor. I think that is a key to why I am here. I believe in that. I believe in me doing whatever that is – because that is something I have no judgements toward. In fact, I have complete shame with it. There is nothing important about me. There is nothing of significance, no talent I am drawing from. I draw myself from persisting in honesty and love and constant humility. I want to live closer to humility than just about anything. That is why in my personal life, most people gather than I am a person they feel alright with.


This is why I want to tell you that my main goal is not to write a blog and entertain anyone. This is an extention of a general life goal to be of assistance, to anyone. I am a humble human person. I am just here typing. There is nothing beyond this. You already know me because I am you, and I accept you. Should you feel like you need or want someone to talk to, for any reason at all, at any time, I would be honored and truely blessed to talk with you. There is no seperation, no reason I am looking for. If you want to ask someone if there watching a game you are, or about breaking up with a person you cared about. Or talking about weather. Or music. Or something stupid. There is no time where I will have any judgment toward an object of interest you should have that would prompt you to call me. I am here for other people, everyone has something they need to talk about. If you do, I hope you have the courage to talk to someone who cares. Love and peace for everyone

(704) 524 – 3177

john – cashierforgod